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Our Oatmeal Lavender mask is a great natural exfoliate! This mask will gently cleanse your pores. This combination helps to revitalize your skin by cleansing dead cells, tightening the skin, treating acne and other dry skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. It is also good for relieving dry itchy skin and soothing sunburn. Use along with oatmeal lavender soap blend to maximize your results! After using this you will see your skin is even, bright, glowing, soft and clear all over.  

Pair with our Oatmeal Lavender soap for the best results! 

The Powder form contains: Organic Oatmeal powder, Aztec Clay and kaolin clay. You can portion powder for usage. Simply take three teaspoons of powder and add water until you reach the consistency of choice.

*Packaging may vary due to COVID-19 shortages.


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